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How to found a team?

It only is possible to found teams during the announced application times between the League-seasons. Otherwise the team-functions are blocked except the possibility to add new teammembers up to the maximal number.

If you are registered and enlogged at the League-Homepage you will find the button "team founding" in the menue "Teams". Here you find a field to write your favoured teamname and activate it. This name may neither violate law nor morality. In case of doubt the decision lies with the LOC. We reserve the right to delete critical names.

After founding the team the founder automatically becomes teamcaptain. Now other users can applicate for joining the team. The teamcaptain is able to accept or refuse such applications. A team may consist out of 2 - 5 members. A team with less than 2 members is labelled '"in course of foundation" and cannot participate in the League. If not filled up to at least 2 members until the end of the application times it won't be considered in the playing schedule of the following season.