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How to change a planning schedule?

A planning schedule can only be changed by it's founder. With the link out of his mail the founder reaches the view "administration" (marked yellow). Here he finds the possibility to change the planning schedule (marked red).


Out of the schedule the founder can reach the view "Tables" (marked yellow): Here there is the possibility to edit the planning schedule, too (marked red).


With a click on a flag you can reach diverse views. If you choose "administration" the assistant for editing the planning schedule will open. At the first dialoque important things yet are inserted so you can go on. Then you find the dialoque to choose days and times being showed in the planning schedule. You can choose the days simply in the calendar view.


If all days are chosen correctly you can go on in the dialoque to choose the playing times. Times can be chosen freely, they needn't be in full hours. If fields don't suffice you can add some with "adding time fields".


If you did everything to your satisfaction you choose "ready" and can see your complete planning schedule.