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How to create a dating poll?

Dating polls are created to get an overview when a game could be possible. For creating a dating poll follow these instructions:

First chose "Scheduling" in the linkbar.

On the next site you can chose the game for which you want to create a dating poll. The text gives informations for creating. In the menue there are all games for which there is not existing a dating poll up to now and which have not been played yet. For the Startdate there are 2 possibilities:

1. If a Startdate is chosen (via the calendar-icon is the simpliest way), the possible dates in the dating poll will start with the startdate. Maximum number of days is 14 days.

2. If no Startdate is chosen dates will start 14 days before deadline and last until deadline.

With a click on "Send" the dating poll will be created. All affected players will receive a mail. The admin-link to the dating poll will be shown.

In the next step the dates possible for a game must be inserted. Therefore you have to click on the link. The site with the dating poll will be shown now.

On the site of the dating poll you have to click into the field with "Your name". There you have to write your nickname. If the dates are valid for the complete team you also can write the teamname or, for small teams, the names of all players. Afterwards you have to click for possible dates on "Yes". The field in the middle "(Yes)" is standing for dates which could be made possible but are not convenient. Times when no games are possible needn't to be clicked. They automatically are set on "No".

The last and very important step is to scroll to the right edge and to click on "Save". Don't forget this step!