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Dear league-players

Here you will find news and informations around the league. Your questions are welcome here in
the >>League-Forum<<.

- Tichu-League-committee -

15. July 2013

We congratulate the team

Tholoures (diafanos, xrysounaki, GaStoN^)

on the victory of the CL in the third season. We thank all participants who played in our league. It's finished now.

14. February 2013

The 3rd seaseon has been opened. You can start playing the games now.

20. Dezember 2012

We created this Tichu-League with the intention to offer interested players a fair leaque. Fair means:

  • fair games without cheating
  • a fair and respectful dealing with each other.

Now we had to disqualify a team because it tried to convince it's opponents to loose their game intentionally or to report wrong results. Such incidents are quiet unfortunate for taking the fun from participants as much as from us as league administration.

We will continue with the Tichu-League. But we will keep on punishing any kind of breach of the rules rigorously. This concerns:

  • any try of cheating
  • games without logs
  • not played games

and so on.

Teams interested in going on in the Tichu-leaque or in joining it should report this>>here<<.

8 November 2012

>>Here<< you find a public opinion poll about the future of the Tichu-League.

2 November 2012

In menu help there are further sections around scheduling.

23 August 2012

According to our >>announcement<< today we resetted the appointment polls. As of now you can create the new appointment polls. Very important:

These now created appointment polls only are significant for evaluation of unplayed leaque-games at the deadlines. Teams not using the dating tool have to blame themselves for getting disappointing valuations!

22 June 2012

Modifications for 2nd season of Tichu-League:

There won't be any deadlines for the first round in consideration of different summer holidays. In the second round (starting presumably around midth of September) there will be the usual weekly deadlines. These are valid for both first and return match.

The dating poll will be available during the first round and we would be glad if you use it. These appointment polls won't be valuated.

So you can use the appointment poll during the first round for "training"!

Three weeks before starting of second round the appointment polls will be resetted so there are new appointment polls possible for the deadlines of the second round. Only these appointment polls now are important for the valuation of unplayed games.

Attention: In future an appointment poll mustn't be closed for fixing a date. As soon as one or more dates are possible on teammember has to fix an appointed date with a comment in the appointment poll at least two days before that date. Only then this will be valuated as binding date.

Disqualification: A team which will not have played 3 (not necessarily consecutive) days of play will be disqualified. All matches to be played by this team in the current season will be evaluated with 0:3 matchpoints and 0:1000 tichu-points. Disqualified teams will be blocked for the following season and can start after that only in the deepest league.

20 May 2012

First Season of Tichu-League not yet has been finished as preparations for the new season are going on. Here just some key data:

1 June 2012:Functions for building teams at the league-site will be activated. Therefore new teams can be created or existing teams changed. Existing teams who want to go on in the League have to report back in this >>thread<< in the forum.
24 June 2012:End of time for registration
1 July 2012:Start of first round of the 2nd season, depending on number of participants it will last until middle/end of September.

19 March 2012 - Deadline-Valuation

After the expiration of the deadline we made following valuations:

Team 1Team 2MatchpointsTichupoints
SchälSickscheSchollis*Möööööp0 : 00:0
Bombenhagelsorry for the skills0 : 00:0
sorry for the skillsquicksand 0 : 00:0
Bunte HundeFAMigerati1 : 1500:500
FAMigeratiSatan Says: Cheat!3 : 01.000:0
Kampf-TruppeRookies3 : 01.000:0
Satan Says: Cheat!Bunte Hunde0 : 30:1.000

Attention: In future such valuations will take place after the deadline of each week. There won't be an additional time after the second round!

14 February 2012

At the beginning of the Tichu-League there were difficulties with scheduling dates. Therefore the League-Committee decided to give the chance to play all games of the first round valued 0:0 in the time from

12th March - 18th March 2012.

Talkon will insert for those games the deadline 18th march 2012. They can be played as soon as this date appears and be enlisted as usual. You should observe your playing schedules....

Please consider that there won't be automatically such an general pardon in the second half of the season.

27 January 2012

Requested by many, now available:

In the linkbar on the right side you now can find the new appointment poll.

Here you can choose a game of your team and start an appointment poll which is sent to all concerned teammembers by email.

Everyone, also the creator of the poll, has to enlist his available dates for the game using his/her nickname. If a date available for all participants has been found the appointment poll has to be closed by the creator (Administration - close poll) and the preferred date has to be chosen. This date is available and binding for all participants then.

An appointment poll has to be created 2 weeks before game-deadline at the latest. This rule is binding for games with deadline 19th February and later. The date for a game has to be fixed 2 days before the game at least, so all players have the possibility to inform themselves.

It is up to the teams to fix their dates by other ways. If then a game cannot take place both teams must expect the valuation 0:0. We will not investigate who is to be blamed. Games with existing appointment poll will be valuated individually by the League-Committee.

We wish you much success with the new dating-helper!

11 January 2012

For obvious reasons we suggest to play all League-games with /option log. Forthcoming games played without log can be repeated until their deadline. Results have to be announced by both teams to the Leaque-committee via pm in the Leaque-Forum. Otherwise those games will be valued with 0:0.

6 January 2012

Now there is the TCLigahelfer. This is a puppet that can show you which leagueplayers of a group are online in BSW at the moment. It works with:

/tell TCLigahelfer @info

We hope this will help you finding dates.

1 January 2012

The functions for playing schedules und ranking lists are activated now. All at the site enlogged participants now can see the schedule concerning their team.

For registering results following has to be observed:

  • A teammember has to chose the wanted game in "enter result" in the menue "result" and to enlist the result.
  • A member of the opposite team has 72 hours time for accepting, correcting or refusing this result in "handle result" in the menue "result".
    • With accepting this game is settled.
    • After a correction the originally enlisting team has to accept the new result again within 72 hours
    • After refusing the game is open for a new enlisting again. That way games chosen and enlisted by mistake can be set into original state again.
  • Results can be enlisted until 3 a.m. at the day after the deadline at the latest. Afterwards it is impossible to register it and valuation will be 0:0. Here there is no tolerance given. Therefore: Who yet knows being short in time in a period for playing better is looking for an advanced playing of then deadlined league-games. This is important for both camps. Both teams will be concerned by a 0:0-valuation.

Doubts or questions we gladly will answer >>here in this Thread<<. Now the postings are translated into English by das.faultier. Thank you very much, fauli!

We wish you all much fun, equitable shared cards and thrilling games!