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The Tichu-league is a privately administred league of the Tichu-Club within BSW and therefore geares to the principles of the Tichu-Club and BSW.

In order to achieve an acceptable cooperation, league-players accept the following conditions with their registration:

Any offence against these rules will be avenged by the league-organisation-committee (LOC). Punishments can range from warnings to disqualification. LOC's decisions are binding.

Prerequisites for league-players:

  • Each player may only participate with one nickname.
  • Players have to be at least W/K8 with 2500 Tichus or W/K10 with 1000 Tichus
  • Players with W/K 17 or more don't need a minimum number of games.
  • Players on the Tichu-Club's banning list are also neglected to participate with another nickname.


  • Teams need to have a team-name which they are free to choose. This name may neither violate law nor morality. In case of doubt the decision lies with the LOC.
  • Team-registration is carried out by the prospective team-captain.
  • Teams may consists of 2-5 players, citizenship does not matter.
  • Late registrations are always possible (up to 5 players).
  • Deregistration during a season is not possible.
  • Any changes in the team have to be reported immediately, anyway they are always possible
  • The team-captain is the contact person and responsible for smooth progess. Team captains are at all times allowed to assign a new team-captain and should make use of this opportunity in case of long-term absence(s).


  • Times for registrations can be found on the League-homepage.
  • Team registration is carried out by the team-captain on the League-homepage. All team members also have approve their participation there.
  • All teams have to re-register for every new season.

Game operation:

  • Matches are played in groups, dog eat dog, one match up to 1000 tichu-points, two legs
  • The winner of a match gains 3 matchpoint, the loser 0 matchpoints, in case of draw, both teams gain 1 matchpoint. The difference of all tichu-points won and lost during the season works as a tie-breaker in case of draw of matchpoints in the group-table. If another tiebreaker is need the direct comparing of concerned teams will be used.
  • All matches have to be played under option log.
  • All matches have to be played within the timeframe given in the playing schedule.
  • It is accepted to play matches before the given timeframe starts, those matches will be evaluated.
  • After the end of the given timeframe, it will be no longer possible to record matches on the homepage, these games will be evaluated by LOT according to the efforts of both teams to find a date.
    • If a planning schedule has been generated via League-Homepage both teams have to fill in their dates.
    • A planning schedule has to be created two weeks before deadline of a game at the latest.
    • The final date has to be chosen 2 days before the appointment at the latest (with "comment"). Is it foreseeable that this is not possible out of lack of common dates the LOT has to be informed.
    • A chosen appointment is binding. If an appointment cannot be kept by reason of unforeseeable circumstances the LOT has to be informed at once.
    It is up to the teams to fix their dates by other ways. If then a game cannot take place both teams must expect the valuation 0:0. We will not investigate who is to be blamed.
  • A team which will not have played 3 (not necessarily consecutive) days of play of a season will be disqualified. All matches to be played by this team in the current season will be evaluated with 0:3 matchpoints and 0:1000 tichu-points.
  • Each team is responsible for log-checking. In case of suspicion of rule-breaking, please inform the LOC.


  • Generally, peeking is only allowed if all players agree.

Reporting of results:

  • Match results have to reported on the League-homepage by one team and have to be approved by the other team within 72 hours.
  • In case that the first report is not correct, the approving team can make changes. These changes have to approved once again by the team which made the first report.
  • In case a team is eliminated prematurely, all matches will be valued with 0:3 matchpoints and 0:1000 tichu-points.

Playing schedule:

  • The playing schedule can be found on the league-homepage. It provides information about the matches of the playing days and their time-frames.
  • It is not possible to report a match after the end of the given time-frame.

Price money and rules for relegation/promotion:

  • Rules for promotion:
    • At the end of the season promotions and relegations will take place as marked green and red in the group-tables.
  • Price money:
    • The Tichu-Club provides 50000 talers price money for each group for the first season which will be distributed with 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% among the winning teams.

League players who try to undermine these regulations have to expect their disqualification.

We wish al participants a lot of fun and exciting matches in the Tichu-Club's Tichu-League!

- The League-Organisation-Committee of the Tichu-Club -